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Our 3-Stage Delivery Process Gives You Maximum Performance Probiotic Results!


PRO BIO COMPLETE Probiotic is truly the evolution of the probiotic industry. Using a unique 3 step delivery system, Pro Bio Complete effectively releases a prebiotic and probiotics in specific areas in your digestive system.

Our prebiotic releases in the gut where it flourishes, using competing delayed release (D/R) caps. Probiotics release in the Prebiotic-filled small intestine for superior nutrient absorption.

14 Strains of Probiotics are used covering all aspects of probiotic needs. This ensures consumers will get the full spectrum of health benefits from Pro Bio Complete


Pro Bio Complete Probiotics Feature an Advanced

Delivery Process Called Bac5TM


Pro Bio Complete Bac5TM Activity is a process by which the prebiotic is delivered to the acidic environment of the stomach to balance the pH and discourage the growth of unfriendly bacteria. It also causes bacterial multiplication for the protected probiotic blend, which is delivered safely to the intestine through microencapsulation. Microencapsulated probiotics have been shown in human clinical trials tcolonize/ adhere up to 5 times better than typical or uncoated strains.


Featuring Capsule-in-Capsule Technology 


Pro Bio Complete is comprised of 14 strains of beneficial bacteria that were chosen as an all-encompassing probiotic blend, with strains shown to promote healthy immune response, help fight candida overgrowth, help fight infections, viruses, and much more. Pro Bio Complete helps to keep your gut in check.


The Facts... 

 6 billion CFU Before Multiplication* 

  14 Strains* 

 “Targeted” Delivery of Pre & Probiotics* 

 CFU Multiplication* 

 Allergen Free* 

 No Animal Byproduct* 

 Shelf Stable*


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 



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