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A Powerful Electrolyte of More Than 70 Ionic Trace Minerals 

and Natural Plant Complexes Including Fulvic Acid




Muscles and joints

Energy levels

Mineral levels

Immune system  

Enzyme systems

Free radical scavenging


PRO MINERAL COMPLETE  is a fulvic mineral supplement derived from plants which consists of 70+ bioavailable trace minerals along with natural plant complexes. These complexes contain traces of amino acids (that form proteins), traces of vitamins, and traces of enzymes that would have been in our fruits and vegetables had they been grown in mineral-rich soil. These natural plant complexes are the “building blocks” that plants use to create the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Since most of our food is grown in mineral-deficient soils our food can also be deficient in these complexes as well. These "building blocks" are also used by our cells for their various processes. *


The problem lies in the foundation…the soil

Natural plant complexes are deficient in our food supply due to modern chemical farming methods. We have known since at least 1936 that our soils are mineral-deficient and so is the food grown in this soil and therefore, so are we who eat the food. The solution has been supplementation with powdered rocks in tablets and capsules. But these alternatives are not as efficient for our system as actual mineral-rich plants. So, there is a major problem . . . if you are searching for optimal health, you can’t bypass the plant. *


There is a key and a solution to the problem

You see, the plant is a factory. How else can you explain getting a red tomato from a green plant? Plus, the tomato has seeds to make more plants. The nutrients the plant manufactures are in direct proportion to the mineral content of the soil. Therefore, the lower the mineral content, the lower the nutrient content and the number of natural complexes in our food. An indication of nutrient levels can be realized by the natural sugar levels (Brix reading). The higher the mineral content, the sweeter the fruit and vegetable. Lower sugar means lower vitamins, proteins, enzymes, and natural complexes. Since PRO MINERAL COMPLETE contains these precious natural complexes, plus over 70 plus ionic trace minerals, it can help supplement by providing these vital building blocks missing from our food. *

 PRO MINERAL COMPLETE works best in water (non-chlorinated) because our bodies need water but can be added to any liquid. Plus, it can also be used topically. 


Beneficial for pets and plants too!



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before use.



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